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Success Made Simple Orientation!

#1. Watch the four videos on this page.  The goal of these videos is to:
• set you up for success with information on equipment, what to do about barking etc.
• Fast track the reduction of misbehavior by helping you prevent misbehavior and better meet your dog’s needs
• get a lot of the necessary lecture stuff out of the way.

Each video contains a secrete word.

#2 After watching all 4 videos, type the secrete words into the form below and pick your first class.

Then, click send.  This will reserve your spot in class.

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After watching the videos, Fill out this form to finalize your class reservation.

Start Date Options
– This form needs to be turned in no later than the Sunday prior to your start date (that is when your handouts are mailed out).

Super Puppy Class (pups under 14 weeks at the first class)
Tuesdays 6:00 pm – Start any week

Serious Self Control Class
Tuesdays @ 7:20pm – Start Oct. 26
Thursdays @ 6:15pm – Start any week

Video 1 ~ 4 minutes – Outline of what you need for Quick Success + first secret word.

Video 2 ~ 8 minutes – Preventing Misbehavior + 2nd secret word.

Video 3 ~ 7.5 minutes -Reducing your dog’s frustration and stress to eliminate misbehavior + 3rd secret word.

Video 4 ~ 17 minutes – How your dog will learn quickly and effiecently + your 4th secret word.