Transform jumping, leaping, pawing and playful biting in 6 weeks or less

Polite Greetings - Stop Jumping

Manners good enough for Royalty

Overcoming your dog’s jumping up struggles is huge! The Real-life results of overcoming ALL of your dog’s bouncing, springing, jumping, pawing and nipping means no more feeling embarrassed, frustrated, scared or overwhelmed! You get LIFETIME access – the course is yours FOREVER!  Jump in today! Ha!

“Baxter used to be completely out of control, now that we have the tools he can greet people and keep his feet on the floor .” – Chuck S and Baxter

Polite Greetings – Stop Jumping Course – Lifetime Access

Turn those struggles into strengths as your dog learns to keep its feet on the Floor.

$82.00 – 67 .00

Lifetime Acces

Does it sometimes feel like you have a Tigger instead of a dog?

All that bouncing, trouncing, pouncing, leaping, nipping, and pawing at people can be a bit much!

Our Polite Greetings – Stop Jumping course is for dogs who 

  • Jumping on guests or you
  • Leap in the air even if they don’t make contact.
  • Paw at people
  • Bounce for items you have in your hand
  • Playfully bite or Nip

You can transform your dog’s jumping struggles through our games that specifically, this struggle.

In this online Polite Greetings – Stop Jumping Deep Dive, you will discover the solutions to help you overcome all your dog’s bouncy misbehavior and playful biting.

During this self-study course you will learn how to manage this behavior as your dog learns:
• to be calm around people
• self-control
• to move away from people
• to keeps its feet firmly on the floor
• to keep its mouth off of people

Within this Deep Dive course, you will unlock learning that has transformed the lives of thousands of dogs.


32 Lessons

Get IMMEDIATE and LIFETIME ACCESS to this course, allowing you to go at your own pace, referring back to it as often as you like.

Start TODAY, keep this course FOREVER and get real-life results training transformation SUCCESS! 

We break this training down into easily manageable bite-sized pieces covering a multitude of topics, allowing you to truly master the skills.

And, it gets even better, you get access to our Private Facebook Committee where you can celebrate your success, ask questions and meet Fanstic people who are also teaching their dog polite manners.

Your course is waiting for you and your dog! Jump On In.?

Tanna Wrote

“We’ve gone to several training programs and this has been the very best. Debbie has a broad knowledge of dogs and a very systematic and fun series of skills for us, and our pups to learn. Each step builds on the previous ones  to get to the goals of having calm dogs able to interact with people and other dogs as well as go into public places and remain calm. THANK YOU DEBBIE!!!”


Pat Wrote

“I so want you to know how much I appreciate the thorough lessons and videos.” Pat

Brenda Wrote 

“I was amazed how easily Angel took to the training!  I had the problem that Angel would jump up and want to lick everyone. She learned easily that if she sits nicely she gets more of what she really wants.”