Price of training

What you are buying is a class pass that you can apply to any of the above-listed classes. Yes, it is just like a gym pass or Yoga Pass. Your Class Pass is good for 5, 11, or 17 group classes depending on which one you select. Each time you register for a course that runs for five weeks, we deduct five credits from your pass.

Classes you can use your pass on:

Great Start Puppy Class
Serious Self-Control Class
Adventure-Ready Dog 1 Class
Adventure-Ready Dog 2 Class
Games and Sports Class

These classes are suitable for dogs:

• That will not bark continuously 
• Who don’t get upset with other dogs or people
• Of all ages and skill level 
• In good health, free of contagious disease 
• Up to date on vaccines 
* If your dog does not meet these requirements, please call us at 541-603-6868 to get a recommendation on which class you should take.

Holiday breaks and staff vacation days do not count in your expiration date.  See the page for the class you are interested in to see the scheduled breaks.