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Loose Leash Walker

For Dogs over 25 Lbs

You will be amazed by the carefree walks this system affords you and your fuzzy friend. 

• Eliminates pulling without corrections

• Eliminates pressure on your dog’s trachea, neck, or spine. 

• You have more control, your dog has less control

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freedom harness

Freedom Harness

Harnesses are a great way to teach puppies and older dogs amazing leash walking skills. This harness allows you to attach the leash to the front or back of your dog.

XS – 14″ -20″ chest
SM – 20″ – 24″ chest
Med Sm – 24″- 28″ chest & under 40 Lbs
Med Lg  – 24″- 28″ chest & over 40 Lbs
Lg – 28″ – 32″ chest
XLg – 32″ – 38″ chest
XXLg – 38″ –  44″ chest

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Freedom Harness
freedom harness

Double Clip Leash

A leash that can attach at 2 points, gives you more control over your dog.

Attach this leash to the front and back of a harness or to a collar and head halter or collar and harness.

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Double Clip Leash

Food Tubes

A more effective way to deliver rewards.

Fill this reusable 8 oz tube with canned dog food, cream cheese, or cooked ground meat with gravy. When it is time to deliver positive reinforcement, simply let the dog lick the opening of the tube.

Reasons my clients prefer to use food tubes for delivering rewards:
• Faster delivery of rewards
• Special diet needs can still be met
• No sore fingers from dogs that take treats roughly.
• No more cooking or cutting treats.

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Treat Bag

Rapid Rewards Treat Bag

The best treat bag on the market can be ordered Here.

Magnetic closure with cord pull for quick open/close operation

  • Multiple Pockets
  • Comes with a belt and cup
  • D-ring attachments
  • Roomy front pocket with Velcro closure
  • Machine washable

Exercise your dog with a Flirt Pole

A flirt pole is a great way to exercise your dog that is not good at retrieving.  As long as your dog likes to chase things, it will love the flirt pole.


Perishable treats are always my top choice for training but if you need to buy non-perishable treats, I have included 2 brands.

happy howies treat

Happy Howies - The Perishable Treat I Recommend

Happy Howies is the perishable store-bought treat I recommend.

No cooking necessary.

Choose from Beef, Turkey or Lamb
Choose 12 oz or 7 oz

Cut the log to size, place the pieces on a cookie sheet and freeze.  Then defrost what you need as you train.  Simple!

real-meat treats

Real-Meat Brand Treats

Real-Meat Brand Treats are by far one of the best training treats on the market.  They are easily broken to the desired size, are nutritious and dogs work hard to get them.



Grizzley’s Dog training treats have a lot of power to motivate dogs considering they are such a small treat.

Dogs Love the flavor and smell and work hard to get these little morsels.