Puppy Classes Eugene Oregon

Our puppy classes make raising your puppy easier!

Yes, we open for in-person training.

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What a joy puppies can be. But along with all that roly, poly, stumbley, bumbley fun is a fast little rascal you can’t turn your back on, otherwise, – oops, its doing something wrong. 

One minute, there is a puddle or a pile (agh). The next minute sharp puppy teeth are ripping into your skin, it is chewing on your stuff, or its jumping on you.

Whew, that can be a bit overwhelming!

No worries, we have you covered, with over 32 years helping dog lovers, we can make it all a lot easier. Believe it or not, your puppy can be trained to be well-mannered through our series of classes.

Great Start Puppy Class

1. U
nder 14 weeks old on its first week of class.
2. Complete our pre-recorded Orientation after you enroll.

Tuesdays @ 6:15 pm – Start Any Week – (no class Sept. 7)

Price – click this link to see your choices

Quality socialization is a high priority for puppies at this age. For this reason, during our Great Start Puppy class, puppies are exposed to novel environmental stimuli, they interact with other dogs and people at a level that is controlled and allows only for positive, calm associations. Also, we introduce puppy level obedience and address manners.

During this class, you will:

• gain confidence as your pups social skills increase.

• be happier and less frustrated as your pup learns good puppy manners.

• be amazed at how brilliant your puppy is as it learns how to listen.

Other Great Options

Serious Self-Control Class

Teaching Great Manners – see all the details here.

“Debbie helped me with behavior issues with my Border Collie/Aussie who was so afraid of other dogs after being bitten. She also coached me in finding the best dog for me and is now helping me turn my untrained little puppy into a well behaved dog. I appreciate all the informative material she provides and how generous she is with her time helping me learn how to modify my dog’s behavior. I definitely recommend Well Mannered Dog.”

Clair VanBloem, Eugene Oregon

“My dog Wally is a Parson Russell terrier. He was a completely wild uncontrollable puppy! We started training at The Well Mannered Dog with the Great Start puppy classes, graduated and took more advanced classes.  Not only has Wally’s behavior improved 100% but he has a blast learning all the tricks in the sports class! Debbie’s patience with Wally and me is remarkable and her training methods are the best!  Every dog in all the classes absolutely LOVE Debbie! Thanks from both me and Wally”

Rhonda Farfan, Junction City, Oregon

“Over the past 16 years I have taken 4 of my pups to Puppy Socialization, Obedience classes, Agility training and private sessions. Debbie is very knowledgeable and helpful and if you ever have any questions or trouble with the weeks exercises she is just a phone call or email away. Each pup’s personality presented their own specific training requirements and I love that Debbie’s variety of classes offered exactly what each one needed to become well mannered dogs!”

Jill Kriesel, Cottage Grove Oregon