Bringing You Consistent, Real-Life Skills

Yes, we open for in-person training. – See our protocol for keeping you safe.

These classes have different levels of activities to accommodate the skills of beginning through advanced humans and dogs.  Each game has different variations that allow dogs of all ages and abilities to participate and benefit from the learning.  So, jump in if you have a young puppy, independent teenaged dog, adult dog, or senior dog.

Thursday @ 7:20 pm
3-5 classes per month – depending on holidays, vacations etc.
$135 / month

Start Any Week – This is an ongoing class – each week is an independent subject.

Real-Life skills is the training you need to teach your dog to be well-mannered, safe happy, and friendly.  A dog you can proudly take anywhere! These classes cover a myriad of exciting and life-enhancing games They are skills such as:

☀️ a really reliable recall
☀️ a solid stay
☀️ politely greeting people
☀️ wickedly good leash walking
☀️ responsiveness to cues
☀️ sit, down, stay

You don’t have to keep signing up for more classes. After the initial payment, subsequent payments are automatically applied to your chosen payment method, on the day of the month you joined.  There is a minimum of 3 months is required. You can cancel at any time once your 3-month initial period has ended.