Almost Done
Once you pay for your training, your application will be sent.

Step 1 – Click the Pay Now Button that corresponds with your Class Pass.
Step 2 – Either log into pay pal OR scroll down a little further and click the gray pay with credit or debit card box
Step 3 – Complete your payment

Within 24 hours, you will get an e-mail to acknowledging your payment and instructions to start your training.

Super Dog Class Pass
Pay $387 for 15 weeks but get 17 – $52 added value – 19 week expiration period.

Hot Shot Class Pass
Pay $258 for 10 weeks but get 11 – $26 added value – 12 week expiration period.

Basic Class Pass
Pay $129 for 5 consecutively scheduled classes 5-week expiration period.

Changing Dog Emotions Class Pass – Level 1 or 2
$275 for 6 consecutively scheduled classes.