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Dog owning dream

You got a dog with a dream of everything you would do together.

• vacations and holidays
• walks and hikes
• trips to the beach or river
• meals at dog-friendly cafes
• fun games and activities

But then the dream and your reality did not match up.

Our SuperDog Challenge Club, zero’s in on one skill, each month, resulting in faster transformations.

Most training has you working on a bunch of different behaviors all at once.   The time you spend training is diluted, with minor progress for each skill set.

In addition, repetitions of training exercises that don’t then add up to real-life feel like a chore instead of the fun you signed up for.

We specialize in games-based dog training that revolves around a planned success path for each skill.  You got a dog for fun so we believe that your training should be:
• successful
• applicable to real-life
• and fun, fun, fun

dog transformation

Our Passion For Training Is Stronger Than Ever

I’ve seen it all with more than 36 years as a certified, professional, certified dog trainer; games-based training is the most fun and rewarding for dogs and their people. Our clients are out there, living their dog-owning dreams with their dogs.

Thanks Debbie for a fun month, we really enjoyed this one and look forward to keeping up our walks as the Spring weather gets closer.

Chuck Summers


We are already loving the SuperDog Challenge Club!  
Thank you for the Zoom classes. We appreciate your expertise and feedback on how we are doing! The training techniques are so helpful and why Luke and I love being part of this class.
We also love there’s no judgment, you’re so positive, it’s fun, and seeing Hooley in action, she’s just amazing!
Nancy Meyer


Moose & I have enjoyed the special events/challenges and look forward to the next one. To this day he gets all excited and whines when we go past Oakway mall. It’s awesome to share & be able to cheer each other on! Thank you Debbie for the fun & the forum

Pamela Howells


Are you wondering what the challenges will be?

They will focus on the popular skills we all want to continue growing
• Coming When Called
• Loose Leash Walking
• Choosing You Over The Environment
• Arousal Regulation
• Counter Surfing, Biting, Jumping
• Confidence
• Calmness
• Off Leash Freedom
• and so much more

No matter where you live, we invite you to join us to experience the tremendous life-changing results with your dog.

We’re taking the world by storm with a dog training membership that transforms behavior

Year in and year out, members demonstrate huge success and transformation.

Thanks Debbie for organizing and to all the participants.  Lulu is always ready to go – rain, shine, cold, whatever the weather throws at us.

Its been motivating for me.

Dawn Branham


Will you do this again?  I want in!

Christine Riley


We did some serious training and check-ins.

Willow and I explored new places with Ducks that are very distracting, but she didn’t attempt to chase or scare them, she disengaged and listened to me.

Nicole Johnson


Looking forward to being able to do this next time…And Wally too!  Such a fun and exciting challenge! ?

Rhonda Farfan

and "Wally"

How do cancelations work?

With either the yearly or monthly subscription, you can cancel within 2 weeks of registering and get a full refund.  After that, you can cancel anytime but still get access until your subscription runs out.

What is Games Based Training?

Game-based training is a training method that inspires dogs and people through games and other interactive activities. The goal is to teach dogs and people new skills while creating a more enjoyable learning experience for all.  Games-based training is all about motivation and engagement throughout the training process.

How do I know what videos to watch?

When you join SuperDog Challenge Club you’ll be taken through a step-by-step Success Path to get started plus a similar Sucess Path for each challenge.

Each challenge will be clearly marked by the month, so you always know what the current challenge is.

How much time does this take each day?

Most games are 3 minutes a day with a maximum of 15 minutes of training.  Should you choose to participate in field trips, outings or adventures, then you will have travel time on top of that.

Who is Debbie Schaefer?

Debbie Schaefer is the founder of The Well-Mannered Dog, SuperDog Challenge Club and one of Oregon’s first certified professional dog trainers.  She has been training professionally since 1987. Debbie brings science and passion to all of her work, which supports dogs of all abilities and temperaments to have focus, self-control and joy. In addition, Debbie has competed in competition obedience and now spends her time participating in the sport of Musical Freestyle. Debbie believes that a positive, playful approach using simple games can change the lives of dogs and their people.

With decades of experience and 1000’s of dogs helped, Debbie generously shares her knowledge with the hope that dog owners worldwide overcome their struggles to live their dog owning dream.