You too can get compliments on your dog and be proud to take it anywhere.  Our training focuses on keeping the fun of owning a dog while loosing the frustration of misbehavior.

“I have a lot of people on the trail comment on what a good dog Sunny is. He drops by my right leg when passing people and other dogs. Thanks Debbie, your classes are wonderful.”

Julie Reed - Eugene Oregon

“I’m often complemented on Marleigh’s ability to focus on me amid distractions, which is definitely a skill we built in your off-leash obedience classes! Those skills have made it possible for us to compete in agility and have so many other great adventures together!”

Jaclyn Kate Rudebeck - Eugene Oregon

“Debbie, We want to thank for all the hard work you have done with us and with Ruby.  We were at Gray’s Garden Center and asked if we could  bring our dog in.  They said “of course”.  Ruby shined.  We got two complements.  One member of the staff even said “what a well behaved dog” we had.  We never thought we’d see the day that Ruby would be perceived as well behaved! Thanks,”

Chip, Chris and Ruby Moulds, Eugene Or

“Thank you “Debbie! I loved the class. I appreciate your feedback in class and love the course corrections live. It’s very helpful, and always welcome! I have never had the pleasure of training a puppy. It is important to me that she is an exceptionally happy, well-behaved member of our family. Your comments and recommendations to tether her to me to help with additional bonding like they do with service dogs is exactly the additional touch I love and need. You have shown me that I absolutely, without a doubt, made the right choice in you. With gratitude, 

Tiffany Rogers - Eugene Oregon”

“Just had to share with you. I walk with Diesel everyday. Our walks have really been easier. Thank You for that. We usually see cats, squirrels and other small animals. Today I wasn’t paying attention and a cat showed up about 5 feet from us and I was able to redirect Diesel. He just came right along with me on the walk and didn’t pay attention to the cat after that. I want you to know that is totally different then before we started with you and I was so excited it made my day. Thank you all the help training Diesel and I. I am having so much fun.”


“Zelly had her vet visit today she had to go in fasting and I thought “this is going to be interesting–a hungry, energetic dog that I can’t give treats to make her behave”. No worries! My girl so impressed me, walked well, sat and waited at the doors, sat on the scale, and sat and lied down at the appropriate times during the exam, and for our checkout. She even made friends with two other dogs without jumping or getting over excited. Thank you Debbie, she’s on her way due to your guidance.”


“I wanted to share with you our big success with Bodhi. We went to Hideaway Bakery for Sunday breakfast and brought Bodhi with us. He was such a gentleman and heeled nicely going into the patio area. Bodhi calmly navigated the crowded tables, filled with people and their children. He stayed in a down while we ate, even when a waitress carrying plates full of food walked behind him! The one thing he got up for was when he realized another dog was standing close to him (within 5 feet), but he did not pull on the leash. This is such a huge improvement from four months ago when I was nearly in tears because he would not quit pulling on his leash while walking at a busy park. Thank you so much for your consistent guidance and for making the training fun! I am confident in my skills for handling Bodhi and am happy with all that he has learned, too! I appreciate, too, the opportunities to continue to learn and improve our skills.” With gratitude, ”



On behalf of Remmy, we want to thank you for such a great class last night.  Since Richard is deeply into training opportunities, I foresee you in our lives for some time!

Susan, Richard and Remmy, EUGENE OREGON