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We have training solutions to help you meet your goals.

We support you every step of the way

with a variety of training solutions to ensure you will meet your goals

Group Classes

Designed For dogs that:
• won’t bark repeatedly.

• are not stressed with dogs or people.

• are puppies or adult dogs

• are in good health, free of contagious disease

• up to date on vaccines

• can relax enough to eat treats

• need help with Good Manners or Obedience

private dog training

Calmness Training

Good for dogs who

• Get Excited and can’t calm down

• Misbehave due to a lack of calmness

And People Who 

• Understand, calmness training begins at home

• Are Willing to do online training first to set their dog up for success and then do in-person training.

dog reactivity

Personalized Training

Great for people who want
• Customized training, just right for you & your dog.

• One on one attention.

• Want to speed up their dog’s education.

• Have a busy or demanding schedule or can’t attend group classes.

Your personalized training can take place online or in-person at our training building or your house.

online dog training

Changing Emotions

Perfect For Dogs who Are:
• Overly excited by dogs or people.

• Struggle to be calm

• Lacking Confidence

• Reactive

• Grumpy but Great

• Stressed by new environments.

• Or not dealing with all life offers

Not a day goes by that we are not grateful that we took this journey with Debbie. Because of her classes, we have a well-adjusted, 90-pound dog that walks on a loose leash, comes when called and has great manners.  Thank you so much Debbie.

Melissa Reynolds, Eugene Oregon

Great class trainings and take home lessons. Debbie brings fun and positive techniques to teach you and your dog proper behavior and good manners. She provides detailed handouts on how to work with your dog at home. Our 5 month old golden retriever took to the lessons quickly and had a blast learning in class and at home. We are all much happier as a result of taking our first class and just signed up for our second.

Dennis Powers, Springfield Oregon

Debbie, a quick note to let you know our puppy Lucy was a shining star during the long holidays.  She was incredible!  Thank you for investing so much of your self into our training.

The Lyons Family, Lowell Oregon