Does your dog get overly excited, bark, lunge, get scared, bite or fight?

Transforming Reactivity

Feel empowered and capable to take on your dog’s reactivity with practical solutions for long-lasting, real-life results.

Did you know that you have the ability to transform your dog’s reactivity through our dynamic games that grow your dog’s skills?

It exceeded my expectations and am still amazed at the progress that was made”

Pat Rankin and Apolla

$35 per month

Our Transforming Reactivity course offers you a clear, Self-Paced plan.

Does your dog:
• bark at everything
• jump on people
• get crazy excited
• get in fights
• bite

With this course, you will discover solutions that will help you to overcome those struggles.


  • A dog that chooses calmness over barking.
  • A dog that chooses you over the environment
  • A dog that chooses relaxation over anxious hyper vigilance and over-awareness of their environment 
  • The freedom to have company over or take your dog on outings without worry.
  • No longer worry about sound complaints!
  • Strategies you can apply to your Real-life
  • An enhance your relationship with your dog through the power of 3-minute games
  • A dog that walks on a loose leash

We break down each topic into easily manageable bite-sized pieces covering a multitude of topics, allowing you to truly master your goals.

This course is a GAMECHANGER for you and your dog! 

Go at your own pace, referring back to it as often as you like.

And, it gets even better, you get access to our Private Facebook Community so you can celebrate your wins, ask questions, and meet Fanstice people who are also transforming their dog’s behavior.

Jump On In, your Transforming Reactivity course is waiting for you Remember your dream dog is just around the corner.?


Self- Paced

$35 per Month more information below

All your questions answered
We know at some point, you may feel stuck, confused or just need some feedback.
As long as you have a current training subscription our professional dog trainers are waiting for your questions.

Yes, even though this is an online program, you still get to ask questions.  Your not alone! There’s no guessing because if you have questions, you just contact us to get the answers.

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    With your monthly fee you get:

    • Humane, training that builds a positive, fun relationship with your dog
    • Training Plans and games that transform your dog’s struggles into superhero powers.
    • Access to our awesome Private Facebook group that is only for our students.
    • The help and support you need to meet your goals.