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Give your dog a stuffed food toy, grab your drink, and join us for topic-specific learning. 


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And the best part is because these are online, your friends and family who don’t live locally can join in on the fun.

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Friday, March 4 @ 6:00pm

The Developmental Periods of the Dog and What to expect at different Life Stages. Find out why

🌟 Why your puppy stopped coming when called
🌟 Your senior dog who has never been afraid of anything is suddenly fearful
🌟 Understand why your friendly dog is now struggling socially

🌟 And so much more

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Friday, April 1  @ 6:00pm

When Things Go Wrong
Find out what to do when things go wrong with your training.

🌟 What does it mean when your training fails?
🌟 What you should do at the moment.
🌟 How to avoid problems

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